The Secret Shame Of A Rebrand: An Expert’s Perspective

The Secret Shame of a Rebrand: An Expert’s Perspective

For most of my life, I’ve career hopped. Just when I became known for catering, I changed to food delivery only, then stopped all of that to write marketing copy, which has since taken a back seat to coaching.

I came to loathe telling people about my new business ideas. I would read 1000 tiny judgments in their face — even if all that was really there was curiosity. I was certain they saw me as a flake. Hell, I saw me as a flake.

But nowadays, I’ve come to realize that for a multi-passionate, a rebrand is a sign of evolution. We begin life as an onion with millions of layers of potential dream careers, and we slowly shed the layers that, after we explore them, don’t light us up after all.

Now I realize a rebrand is simply honing in on your Unique Selling Proposition, your big WHY, your magical unicorn fingerprint.

That thing you do that only YOU can do.

That thing that turns heads.

Let me give you the example of a man named Henrik.

A bald man in a kaftan with an easy smile, if perhaps a little mischievous, Henrik teaches intuitive painting (among other things — always among other things).

Intuitive painting is not like traditional painting. In a standard painting class, you have a clear direction in which to head.

In intuitive painting, you are winging it. If you are a recovering perfectionist, this will bring you to the brink of panic.

But something about the way Henrik speaks — about the process and throughout it — puts you deeply at ease. Without my even being aware of it, he invited me to release my attachment to outcome (WHAT?) and, instead, sink deeply into listening to the soft little voice inside all of us that so often goes unheard.

Turning up the volume on my intuition that day was an All-Time Top 5 experience. It instilled such radical self-trust in me, and my personal compass is more fine-tuned than ever.

And from that space, what (inexplicably) began as a duck got flipped upside down and turned into an octopus made of lava. Which is totally a thing.

Today, on a catch-up call with Henrik’s wife and talented intuitive, Liz (also a magical creature), I learned that Henrik has created something new. Taking a page from Liz’s book, it seems, he is now offering a unique blend of intuitive Tarot reading & intuitive art.

Here’s how it works.

You place an order. Then within seven days, you receive:

  • a unique, intuitive tarot spread with photos of each card
  • your intuitively channeled art, made by Henrik (usually a painting, but can be whatever the muse requests)
  • a personally channeled music playlist
  • a pdf with all channeled thoughts and messages
  • time-lapse video clips of the painting process



If that’s not scroll-stopping, my name isn’t Jennie McRed.

I heard this and immediately thought, I have such cool friends.

Unicorn friends.

Friends who combine their unique talents and experiences into something unrepeatable. ✨


Incidentally, finding that unrepeatable quality in YOU and communicating it to the world so that it turns heads is my new personal mission. My rebrand, if you will. I no longer feel shame about it, just effervescent glee that I’ve honed in on what I’m put here to do. So stay tuned for the next chapter. It promises to be the best one yet.

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